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About Us

About Us

About Us – BookSelf self-publishing services.

Hello and welcome, we’d like to tell you all about us and how and why we hope to help you. We provide various self-publishing services for authors of fiction and non-fiction books.

Our aim is to help authors keep complete creative control over their books but still have a professional end product. 

With our unique personable approach to supporting authors, BookSelf can help to smooth over the many challenges of self-publishing.

We believe in talking on the phone and our advice is free and with no obligations. You can also webchat or email us and discuss what you need and how we can help.

Wherever you currently are on your self-publishing journey, BookSelf is ready to support you. We aim to save you time and money by enabling you to fast-track your book. 

Our Services

Our services include premade book covers as well as a book cover design service. You can either purchase a premade cover which allows tweaks and changes and mock-ups for promotional use. Or if you’re looking for something more specific and positively unique you can book a talented book cover designer that will help elevate your story’s impact visually.

In addition, we also offer an advice & consultation service which covers a broad range of topics and issues from typesetting and technical help to marketing and sales strategies and can be tailored to your needs. 

We also offer a beta reading service which consists of a 6-8 page report on a wide variety of content including; characters, plot, settings, pace, style and much more. The service is invaluable to aid clarity and polish your manuscript hence increasing brand reliability and consequently sales.

Lastly, we offer a reviews service designed to aid sales across various platforms. Our reviewers are honest and reliable and we match them to the genre they like to read hence your reviews are by verified honest purchasers.

A woman with glasses and a sleeveless top sits at a wooden desk, thoughtfully holding a pen. She is surrounded by open books and working at a vintage typewriter, perhaps drafting ideas for Book Cover Design UK. Sunlight streams through blinds, casting striped shadows on her and the desk. Green plant leaves are visible in the foreground. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A logo consisting of a stylized "BS" design in lines above the word "BookSelf" written in bold, large font. Below "BookSelf," the tagline "Self-Publishing Services For Authors" is displayed in smaller, all-capital letters. The overall color of the text and design is gray. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers

BookSelf is a self-publishing website with a difference in that it is run by people that have experienced and embraced the self-publishing journey themselves.

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