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Melissa Claasens

Name: Melissa Claasens

Shop Name: Melissa Claasens

Specialty: Ethereal portraits

Genres: Thrillers, Drama, Suspense and Romance.

Bio: My name is Melissa and I am passionate about design, being creative and making things look pretty. I’ve always had a passion for book covers, telling a story, giving a sneak peak and getting the reader interested. My emphasis is on visually appealing designs for novelists with an emphasis on Thrillers, Drama, Suspense and Romance fiction genres. I enjoy working with customers and love to advise on the overall theme of the book cover. I am happy to make smaller changes upon completion such as changes to typography or removing or adding a smaller design element. Please contact me to discuss your project.


A book titled "If the Shoe Fits: Ballerina" by Melissa Claasens. The cover features the lower half of a ballerina in pointe shoes, balancing gracefully. She is wearing a light, flowing tutu, and the background shows a sunlit room with tall windows and a radiator. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
The cover of a book titled "The Fisherman" shows a large boat on a rocky shoreline with a small coastal town and more boats in the background. The top part features a black-and-white image of an older man's face, overlaid with the title in cursive script. "Melissa Claasens" is written below. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A book titled "The Master" by Melissa Claasens features a cover image of a person in a traditional, ornate robe, gracefully holding a sword with both hands. Kneeling indoors with a smoke effect partially obscuring the scene, the dark and minimalist background emphasizes the figure's attire. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A book cover titled "ALONE" features a woman standing on a desolate beach with a gray sky overhead. She is wearing a green coat and dark clothes. To her left, there is a single yellow chair in the sand. "AUTHOR NAME" by Melissa Claasens is printed at the bottom in smaller text. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A book titled "Hold Your Breath" by Lucy Brown features a black and white cover image of a person submerged underwater. The person's eyes are closed and bubbles surround their face, with one hand gently touching their chin and the other near their temple, creating an ethereal, serene atmosphere that recalls the stylistic touches of Melissa Claasens. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A 3D-rendered book cover titled "Back in the Days" by Raymond Scott. The image shows a vintage red Volkswagen Beetle car driving along a coastal road, with a city skyline and tall buildings in the background under a partly cloudy sky. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
The cover of a book titled "The Cherry Blossom Girl" features an image of a smiling woman with light hair, overlaid with soft-focus cherry blossoms in light pink and white hues. The book's author is not specified (the text reads "AUTHOR NAME"), and the overall design has a light, airy aesthetic. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A book titled "While She Waits" features a cover image of a woman with shoulder-length wavy hair, wearing a beige long-sleeved top. She is leaning on a counter in a dimly lit setting. The author's name is written at the bottom of the cover. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers

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