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  • If The Shoe Fits: Ebook & Paperback Ready Made Book Cover

  • Midnight Lust: Premade Book Cover

  • Premade Ebook & Paperback Book Cover

  • Premade Ebook & Paperback Book Cover

  • The Crows Whisper: Ready Made Premade Book Cover

  • The Girl Behind The Mirror: Premade Book Cover

  • The girl on the horse: Ebook & Paperback Premade Book Cover

  • The Last Ice Dragon: Ready Made Book Cover

  • Under Your Spell: Premade Book Cover

  • Wild Heart: Premade Book Cover

  • Ebook & Paperback Premade Book Cover

  • Alone: Premade Book Cover: New Adult / Romance / Literary

A logo consisting of a stylized "BS" design in lines above the word "BookSelf" written in bold, large font. Below "BookSelf," the tagline "Self-Publishing Services For Authors" is displayed in smaller, all-capital letters. The overall color of the text and design is gray. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers

BookSelf is a self-publishing website with a difference in that it is run by people that have experienced and embraced the self-publishing journey themselves.

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