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Information for designers – Graphic Design Jobs.

At BookSelf we want to do things differently and believe that communication is key to our success. If you agree then maybe we’re meant to be!
We’re newly established in November 2023 but our experience of the self-publishing world precedes this.
We’re looking for designers that share our vision of a seamless customer service to join us in providing premade covers and commissions for our exclusive book cover design service.
The aim of BookSelf is to provide a professional service to authors who have decided to self-publish. We offer our customers premium book covers that help them stand out from the crowd. In addition to this we think customer service is extremely important. Therefore, we emphasise that we are always at the end of the phone – not only for our customers but for you, too. We’re here to support and promote you in achieving great sales. And while you focus on the design work we will focus on customer service and quality assurance.

Teamwork is important to us too and we want to stay in touch with you if you need us, but if you don’t, then that’s fine too. We’ll do what we can to inspire you and our online forum is optional but it’s for designers to use to support their work and sales. You can also drop in hints and tips for other BookSelf vendors if you want while we keep you up to date with latest industry trends.
If you have the skills and the experience then contact us below to get the ball rolling. We’ll tell you more about our plans and strategy to make BookSelf the ‘go to’ for self-publishing authors everywhere.

At a glance information

  • No AI content
  • Work from home
  • Our seamless customer service – we speak to customers about queries, etc.
  • Work the hours you choose
  • Our SEO optimised content helps save time and promotes your covers
  • Work for a new company
  • Paid weekly
  • Teamwork – share resources, advice and trends
A book cover titled "THE WORLD ON EDGE" displays a gritty landscape with a figure in a leather jacket and goggles holding a weapon. The background features a dusky sky with a setting sun. The author's name is placed at the bottom of the cover in a rugged font matching the title. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A logo consisting of a stylized "BS" design in lines above the word "BookSelf" written in bold, large font. Below "BookSelf," the tagline "Self-Publishing Services For Authors" is displayed in smaller, all-capital letters. The overall color of the text and design is gray. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers

BookSelf is a self-publishing website with a difference in that it is run by people that have experienced and embraced the self-publishing journey themselves.

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