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Premade Book Covers

Our unique premade covers are easy to order and our designers and/or BookSelf are always on hand to guide you through revisions and uploading files.

A book cover featuring a woman in armor holding a sword against a backdrop of fire and smoke. The title and author name are placeholders, highlighting this self-published success. The spine has the same title and author name. The back cover has a poetic blurb and a barcode at the bottom, evoking fantasy and battle. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
Two women sharing a joyful moment in a dining area. One woman with short blonde hair, smiling brightly, holds an open book—her self-published success—wearing a white shirt and jeans. The other woman, with shoulder-length blonde hair, wears a light green top and holds a wine glass. A large clock decorates the wall behind them. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers

Book Cover Design

Our book cover designers can create something special for those who have a vision of what they want, and are ready and willing to discuss and envision your project alongside you to produce a cost-effective high-quality design tailored specifically to your requirements.

Beta Read

If you need a Beta Read then we have various professionals interested in your genre ready to give you clarity and professional feedback in the form of a multi-page report. For more info on Beta reading Services click here.

A young woman with curly hair and glasses sits at a wooden desk by a window. Wearing a light pink t-shirt, she is focused on writing in a notebook while holding a paper in her left hand. A laptop rests nearby, symbols of her self-published success. Sunlight filters through the window, creating a bright atmosphere. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A man with short, dark hair and a beard is sitting at a wooden table. He is wearing a light blue button-up shirt and a wristwatch. On the table are an open notebook, a white coffee mug, and a pair of glasses. Behind him are bookshelves filled with books and various items, symbols of his self-published success. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers

Advice & Guidance Consultations

And for those wanting help and advice on a range of topics, from the technical to the creative, then the one-hour consultation service will deliver various solutions tailored to your specific needs. With a pre-assessment and a report summary added either side of the consultation it is great value when planning your way forward saving you time and money on alternative resources that might not necessarily be needed. The consultation can be used at any point in your self-publishing journey and as often as is needed; it’s all up to you to decide what you want help with, but the first step is to give us a call to discuss and then we can get the ball rolling and make some serious plans!

Reviews Service

Book reviews are crucial to sales but sometimes hard to come by for the self-publishing author who does not have readers lined up like traditional publishing houses do. It is important to gather reviews in the first three months of your launch date to satisfy the algorithms and search engines and put your book ahead in the early days. That’s where we can help.

An e-reader displaying "Book Reviews" on the screen sits on a wooden surface. Above the e-reader, five golden stars form a row, indicating a five-star rating. To the right of the e-reader, there is a brown and gold pen placed horizontally—a signature touch by BookSelf UK’s premier book reviews service. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers
A logo consisting of a stylized "BS" design in lines above the word "BookSelf" written in bold, large font. Below "BookSelf," the tagline "Self-Publishing Services For Authors" is displayed in smaller, all-capital letters. The overall color of the text and design is gray. BookSelf Book Cover Design & Premade Book Covers

BookSelf is a self-publishing website with a difference in that it is run by people that have experienced and embraced the self-publishing journey themselves.

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